1. Overview:

2.1.      The policy of the Company is to develop its employees and prepare them for higher responsibilities and as far as possible the most suitable ones from within the Company. In the absence of suitable candidates within the Company external sources may be tapped.

2.2.      Prior to filling any management position a review needs to be made in consultation with HR department to ascertain if any internal potential candidate(s) have been identified through the succession planning process of the Company. In case of external hiring, candidates will be evaluated not only on the basis of qualification, but also on the basis of probable growth potential beyond the initial assignment.

            Note: Approval in the budget will not be treated as prior approval for a vacant position. At the time of hiring each vacant position will have to be justified.

2.3.      All hiring will be done through proper procedure initially starting from the Personal Requisition form.

2.4. Key Documents

2.4.1.    Job description (JD): – Job description is a standard document that identifies the grade of each position, the basic responsibilities, and indicators for gauging minimal adequate performance as well as job specifications. No person will be hired, nor will any official recruitment effort occur for any position until an up-to-date job description for the position is on file in the Human Resources Department. Every PRF must be sent to the Human Resources Department accompanied by the required position’s current job description.

2.4.2.    Personal Requisition Form (PRF): – PRF is the document that authorizes recruitment for position; defines its basic parameters and requires more than one affirmation / approval to ensure that a defined position is in fact needed.

  1. Procedure:


3.1.1.    In order to obtain satisfactory return on Human Resources investment, Human Resource Costs based on human resource requirements for a financial year would be determined at the time of budget preparation.

3.1.2.    Manpower budget would be prepared by HOD, keeping in view the Departmental objectives, targets and business operations.

3.1.3.    By April 30th of each year HOD’s shall discuss and agree their manpower requirements and related costs for the next fiscal year with HR and CEO.

3.1.4.    After approval of CEO no later than May 30th, Manpower Budget for the next financial year would be finalized and would serve as Manpower Plan for the financial year and shall be presented as part of overall budget for following year. Subsequently quarterly reviews against this budget shall be conducted by HR and variations thereon sanctioned by CEO.


3.2.1.    HOD fills in Section I of Personal Requisition Form, for vacant positions vacated due to new position opening, retirement, death, resignation, transfer, promotion or termination of an employee or for positions created due to increase in workload or expansion in current operations of the department.

3.2.2.    HOD sends Personal Requisition Form to HR along with Position Profile and job Descriptions.

3.2.3.    Human Resources Department will log the requests, review and send HR Requisition Form to CEO for approval.

3.2.4.    Keeping in view the confidentiality of positions for senior level candidates, Personal Requisition From and Job Description may not be logged in the Hiring Log.

3.2.5.    CEO is the approving authority for all positions, (for all categories; permanent/ contract/ temporary, new/ replacement budgeted/ non-budgeted, or on third party contract). All approvals will be made on completed Personal Requisition form raised by HOD, which has been reviewed and forwarded by HR.

3.2.7.    All new hires of KHRS will be on probation for (3) three months (in case of field force, six months) to be eligible for regular employment with KHRS.

3.2.8.    Rehires or new regular hires who have previously worked with KHRS on contract or regular basis for minimum of one year, can be directly hired as regular employees without probation.


3.3.1.   Minimum qualification for permanent employment in KHRS is Matric (Secondary School Certificate) except support staff e.g Drivers, Peons, etc. Whereas, minimum qualification for skilled workforce at plants is Intermediate with sciences i.e F.Sc.

3.3.2.   Minimum qualification for hiring / promotion on to a senior level is sixteen years of professional education in relevant field of expertise.

3.4. Recruitment Process (Internal):

KHRS has an established internal and external job posting (vacancy announcement) process through which it communicates available openings throughout the organization.

3.4.1.  Internal Applicant’s Eligibility: All regular full-time employees with a minimum of twelve (12) months of service in their current position are eligible to apply for any vacant position.

3.4.2.  Application Process: Staff interested in the position is invited to apply anytime during the recruiting process for posted positions by submitting an application to HR department indicating title of position sought and the applicant’s relevant experience, training, and skills.

3.4.3.  Internal Applicant Interviews: All internal short-listed candidates must go through a formal interview process. The Human Resources Department will notify internal applicants of the selection decision.

3.4.4.  Internal Transfer: When an employee is selected for a posted position, both the respective supervisors will agree upon a firm transfer date that allows sufficient time for the recruitment and hand-over of duties to the transferee’s replacement. If an employee is taking an identical position at the other location, there will be no probationary period involved. However, if an employee gets a different position, he/she may be required to complete probationary period.

3.5. Recruitment Process (External):

3.5.1.   External Advertisement:     Advertising is an expected part of any successful recruitment process.  Advertisements are placed by the Human Resources Department. The advertisement must clearly state the vacant position’s title, responsibilities and requirements, address for sending the application, and closing date. HR will draft basic content of job advertisement and get it vetted by the concerned hiring HOD to make sure that all necessary requirements for the vacant position are included.


3.6.1.    Human Resources Department will review applications received in response to advertisement, References, Executive Search or Head Hunting and short-listing will be finalized for Interviews in coordination with the concerned HOD as per requirements given in JD & PRF.


3.7.1.    Preliminary Interview primarily focuses on candidate’s suitability for organizational culture, future goals, customer focus and professional knowledge and skills in the respective discipline usually will be conducted by concerned HOD or other relevant person as deemed fit by the hiring authority.

3.7.2.    All candidates are required to fill in and sign the “Pre Employment Form”. Candidates for specific positions may be required to take a written test. Results will be compiled in order of merit and the top candidates would be short listed for final interview. Computer knowledge is a must for all candidates excluding unskilled labor.

3.7.3.    All hiring decisions must be finalized using next level supervisors interview formula and should be coordinated and finalized by CEO.


3.8.1.    Candidates who are requested to travel from stations outside the interview location will be reimbursed reasonable costs of transportation and lodging.


Prior to issuance of appointment letters to candidate HR will make sure to formally/informally check academic and professional record. Pre-Employment references of candidates will also be collected. Following sources may be used for this purpose:

3.9.1.    Previous Employers (Current employer, with candidate’s agreement)

3.9.2.    Personal character references

3.9.3.    Former school/ College Teachers


3.10.1.  Salary and perquisites will be provided as per standard ranges (Min-Mid-Max) set for all grades according to the qualification and experience of candidates.

3.10.2.  Any laws governing the rule of minimum wage shall be first priority and must be adhered to. Any breach will be the responsibility of the appointing authority.

3.11.          JOINING REPORT

3.11.1.      Upon joining KHRS, a new employee shall submit a Joining Report completed in all respects to Human Resources Department at Head Office. HR will place the Joining Report in personal file of employee along with other documents of the employee.

3.11.2.      The employee also fills a Personal Data Form and Submits this along with copies of ID card, two photographs and experiences certificates to Human Resources/ Administration & Personnel. After verification HR/ Personnel will place these documents in personal file of the employee.

3.12.          PERSONAL FILES.

3.12.1.         Human Resources Department (Head Office) maintains Personal Files of employees located at the head office while the employees based at plant and/or any other location will keep their files with the supervisor of that installation